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Online Coaching with Carnisa

Meet Carnisa

Certified Relationship Coach & Counselor 

I love helping my clients gain clarity, set goals, and take action towards living with confidence and power! I do this by providing them with tools and strategies for overcoming fear and mastering their emotions. My clients are professional women who aspire to go further in their careers, improve their relationships, and develop habits that will lead them to the life of their dreams.

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The Blueprint to You teaches you to:

Gain Confidence

Improve Your 


Increase Your


Discover Your


Group Coaching

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Your Journey Towards Self Love, Better Relationships, & Confidence Can Start Today!

“I just want you to know that I have been wrestling with clinical depression for seven years now,

and I have been on medication and in counseling, but your program has helped me more in a

shorter amount of time than anything else I have tried before. My husband says that he is seeing


- Ann

Before working with Carnisa, I had been disappointed by limited success with counselors, therapists, and religious advice. Carnisa’s Awakening program helped me to have major breakthroughs in my life.

- Chicka

“Carnisa has changed my life. Every time I’m around her I’m inspired and influenced to be a better me. Coaching is not just what she does, it’s who she is.” 


Learn to Communicate Better & Improve Your Leadership Skills

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