Inspiring, encouraging, and uplifting are words that are often used to describe the way people feel once they experience an event with Carnisa. She impacts audiences around the world with her bold and audacious approach to life. Individuals and corporations have been impacted by her relevant, relational, and riveting message of unleashing your personal power to excel to your next level. Carnisa teaches her audiences to overcome limited thoughts of doubt and fear by

providing strategies and tools to help them reach their goals.


Carnisa is the founder of Berry Thoughtful Life Coaching, LLC and the founder of Be You Women Retreat Beijing.


Carnisa teaches:

   • Confidence building and self-worth through emotional awareness

   • How to breaking free from negative self-talk and unhealthy behavior patterns

   • Strategies for making optimal decisions


   • Think Your Way to a Better Marriage

   • 5 Ways to Conquer Fear

"Carnisa’s strength and vitality shines through

from the moment she begins to speak.

She is calm, yet powerful; considerate,

yet commanding; gentle, yet strong."

— Joshua Buck, Administrator Canadian Embassy

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