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A 12-Week Intensive Coaching Program

Are YOU ready to overcome worry, fear, and anxiety?

Is YOUR negative self-talk affecting your relationships?

Are YOU ready to pursue your dreams, but procrastination is stopping you?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, my new coaching program, The Blueprint to YOU, can help. When you learn to control your thoughts and emotions, you can design the life of your dreams.

The Blueprint to You is Designed to Help You:

Build stronger connections

Discover your value

Gain more confidence

Overcome imposter syndrome

Implement actions that lead to your dream life

This 12-week coaching program will take you step-by-step on a detailed journey to the Blueprint of who you are and how to become who you want to be. The answers you are seeking are inside of you. You will discover the emotional thought patterns that are creating your fear, worry, and anxiety. You will learn strategies and techniques to overcome these limiting beliefs. And you will learn to connect to your life’s purpose so you can live a life better than you've ever imagined.

Here's a Preview of the First Six Weeks

Week 1


You will set clear goals and develop a plan to accomplish them. My goal is to help you accomplish the goal you set.

Week 4

Develop New Patterns from Healing

You will discover who you are when you are behaving from your wounded self and then discover how to make decisions and choices from the healed you.

Week 2


You will identify the story you are telling yourself about love, money, relationships, or self, that is holding you back. Then, you will develop a new story that will align with your visions and dreams.

Week 5


Our emotional needs are the drivers of our personalities. Once we discover the emotional needs that are driving us the most, we can make decisions from wisdom and not hurt.

Week 3


You may have encountered some negative experiences in your life, but they do not define who you are. Until you learn to identify your soul wounds you will continue to make decisions from limiting emotions.

Week 6


once we discover the emotional needs that are driving us the most, we can make decisions from wisdom and not hurt.

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