Berry Thoughtful Life Coaching Programs

Berry Thoughtful Life Coaching offers private coaching and group coaching. You can also experience self-coaching through the programs below.


Awakening to the Real You is my coaching program that will help you discover who you were created to be. You will heal from your past beliefs and emotions that keep you stuck in unhealthy thought patterns once and for all. It is a breakthrough coaching program because it literally teaches you how to BREAKTHROUGH the veil of unconsciousness that has you stuck and repeating patterns of faulty behavior. You will awaken you to opportunities and possibilities.


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Are you ready to discover your purpose? Do you want to live life with meaning and fulfillment, but don't know how? If so, Purpose, Passion, & Profit is a proven coaching program designed to help you discover your purpose, live with passion while earning an income. When you live with purpose and passion you will find


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Are you ready to experience positive change in your relationships? Do you need an increase in your finances? Are you ready to lose those unwanted pounds? Perhaps you just need a miracle!

Miracles are available every day, however, it is our job to connect to them through our thinking!

If you are ready to experience daily miracles, join 21 Days of a Miracle Mindset!

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