Awakening to the REAL You

Awakening to the Real You is my coaching program that will help you discover who you were created to be. You will heal from your past beliefs and emotions that keep you stuck in unhealthy thought patterns once and for all. It is a breakthrough coaching program because it literally teaches you how to BREAKTHROUGH the veil of unconsciousness that has you stuck and repeating patterns of faulty behavior. You will awaken you to opportunities and possibilities.

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Purpose, Passion, and Profits

Gallup, an American management consulting company, did a study and found 87% of the global population is dissatisfied with their job.


Dissatisfaction on the job will leave you feeling stressed, unaccomplished, and inadequate. 


Purpose, Passion, & Profit is a proven coaching program designed to help you discover your purpose, live with passion while earning an income.


Finding fulfillment is possible!

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Miracle Mindset

Are you ready to experience positive change in your relationships? Do you need an increase in your finances? Are you ready to lose those unwanted pounds?

Perhaps you just need a miracle!

Miracles are available every day, however, it is our job to connect to them through our thinking!

If you are ready to experience daily miracles, join 21 Day of a Miracle Mindset!

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Coach Caneisha

Author • Relationship Life Coach • Speaker 


I earned my Life Coaching Certification from the World Coach Institute, with a niche in relationships. I understand that abundant living only happens when we can have healthy relationships with ourselves and then others.  My company, Berry Thoughtful Life Coaching focus on helping clients to connect to who they are, so in return, they can connect to those around them. 


I offer private coaching sessions via video conference or in person, where I help clients to connect to their purpose, identify any obstacles that may be keeping them from their goals, and create a plan of action to achieve their dreams within the desired time frame.


My seminars and workshops provide tools and strategies that assist participants to accomplish real life changes. 


Understanding that fear is an emotion that hinders most people from living their dreams, I've written the book, Live Your Best Life: 5 Ways to Conquer Fear. This book helps you identify your fear and overcome it. Because your best life is on the other side of your fears.


My second book, Think Your Way to a Better Marriage, helps people realize that sometimes the biggest issues in their marriage or relationship, are the thoughts and beliefs they hold on too.


Are you ready to change your life? Are you ready to do the work it takes to live an abundant life? If so, let Berry Thoughtful Life Coaching help you live the life of your dreams.


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