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The Retreat
Gaston Lake, NC | October 4th-6th

Imagine spending a powerful weekend with the best transformational mindset coach and business strategic coach

on the East Coast. Join Caneisha and Jet for this unique getaway for female entrepreneurs!

What if you could reset your mindset to connect to your true purpose
and power? All while learning strategies for growing your business.

Spend 3 days with us at a beautiful getaway in North Carolina.

Massages | Professional Headshot | Meals | Workshops | Networking

During this immersive experience, you'll:

  • Master Your Mindset: Dive deep into the power of self-awareness, mindset shifts, and empowerment with Caneisha Berry. Learn how to overcome limiting beliefs, cultivate resilience, and harness the potential within you to create lasting success.

  • Strategize for Success: Unlock the secrets of business strategy, goal-setting, and effective planning with Jet Hatu. Gain insights into market trends, customer acquisition, and sustainable growth strategies tailored to your unique business goals.

  • Connect and Collaborate: Network with like-minded female entrepreneurs, share experiences, and build meaningful connections that support your growth journey. Our intimate setting encourages collaboration, inspiration, and lifelong friendships.

  • Nourish Your Body and Soul: Indulge in nourishing meals, rejuvenating activities, and guided meditation sessions that promote holistic well-being. Take time to recharge, reflect, and realign with your purpose in a serene and supportive environment.

You don’t want to miss this retreat!


This retreat is for:

• professional woman who wants more in life

• female entrepreneurial determined to grow her business

• ladies who want to connect with like-minded, ambitious women

• women who desire to shift their mindset from scarcity to abundance 

• ladies who need strategies for starting a business or taking their current 

   business to the next level

• women who understand the value of self-care and self-awareness

Learn from two of the best life coaches on the East Coast

Meet Caneisha

Caneisha is a world-renowned life and mindset coach, international Tedx Talk speaker, and author. She loves helping women who aspire

to become entrepreneurs gain clarity, set goals, and take action toward living out their full potential with passion. Caneisha has a proven method for guiding her clients through a process that helps them overcome limiting beliefs and tap into abundance.

Meet Jet

First-Rate Materials

Jet is a highly sought-after motivational speaker, trainer, and business coach. She is a passionate entrepreneur who currently owns three thriving businesses.  Jet has partnered with a local community college to provide her expertise in teaching the Women in Business Entrepreneurship series. Her main specialties are Building Confidence, How to Start a Business, Networking & Marketing Your Way to Success.


Package Options:

Secure your spot today with a deposit.
(The deposit is only refunded if you can find someone to take your place)

Package A

private room_edited.jpg

Private Room
King/Queen size bed
$1800 (Reg)

Special offer $1395
Deposit: $247

Package B


Shared Quarters
Bunk/Full Bed
$1280 (Reg)

Special offer $895
Deposit: $247


Package C


Shared Private
(must be booked w/ a friend)
You will share a King/Queen Bed
in a private room

$1166 (Reg)

Special offer $795 (pp)
Deposit: $247

Full Payment is due by September 18th. You can make monthly payments once you secured your spot with your deposit. Everything is included in each package.
Afterpay is also available for full payment!

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