Reclaim Your Life


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Reclaim Your Life


Saturday, April 3rd | 9:00 AM EST

Do you feel stuck?


Is procrastination keeping you from living your best life?


Do you wish you could stop overthinking everything? 


You are not alone!


Life has been difficult for everyone lately, however you can Reclaim Your Life!

This free webinar is designed to equip you with proven strategies to reset your heart, mind, and emotions for winning!

          What You Will Learn:           

Why you procrastinate and how to stop!

How to create a powerful mindset.

The importance of setting goals for every area of your life

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Hi, I'm Caneisha

Certified Life Coach, helping woman around the world discover their purpose

After spending years of my life worrying, procrastinating, and unfulfilled I finally discovered my true purpose. I am blessed to help my clients overcome fear, align with their purpose, and live a life full of passion.  


Purpose and passion will give you the drive to overcome any obstacles that are keeping you from your dreams and goals. All you have to do is show up for You!

I'm excited you are joining me for a time to

Reclaim Your Life!