Certified Relationship Life Coach

I'm Caneisha, Relationship Life Coach and Founder of Berry Thoughtful Life Coaching. My goal is to empower professional women to live a life full of purpose, passion, and fulfillment. I use emotional awareness to lead my clients to the confidence they need to overcome fear, self-doubt, and the negative self-talk that's keeping them from the life of their dreams.

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Coaching with Caneisha

“Caneisha is able to help her clients reach the depths of their soul/being and challenge their truths and revive them to whom they are meant to be. This process clarifies their intentions and leads them to their purpose in life.” 

– Titi Hill, Counselor

Read the Testimonies:


"I was stuck. I was in a lot of mental turmoil. I was unhappy and felt unable to break problems that kept recurring. I’m what people would call a high achiever but

I seemed to have been always intent on hitting the self-sabotage button. My first session with Caneisha, I remember distinctly. We talked for an hour about why I felt I needed coaching and my struggles around success. The first things she mentioned to me changed my perspective so dramatically that I walked away from the session elated, exhausted and almost in a state of shock that one hour could change my view so deeply. It sounds cliche, but a light-bulb went on in my mind. Eureka!


Working with her offered breakthrough after breakthrough—both personally and professionally. I am better at relationships now. My work environment has changed for the better as well and things are better with my finances. There is so much improvement internally and I’m excited about the present and the future." – Chike, Trinidad

“I’ve been working with Ms. Berry for over six months and I have to say, it’s has been the most inspirational and transformational six months I’ve ever experienced. I finally see myself. I finally understood my thoughts, my motivations, and my story. With Carnisa’s help, I’ve begun to live intentionally. My story has a new narrative of truth now.” – Quynh, China


“When I came back to Beijing 1 year ago I felt very sad, depressed, and stuck. I didn’t want to be here, I cried a lot and felt like everything was hopeless, my life was hopeless. All my children were in school and I would be alone and faced to face the reality of my sadness. A doctor told me about Caneisha and I reached out to her. During our first meeting, she told me, “On the other side of fear is your happiness.” That was enough. I signed up for her program and it took me a while but I did it! My life is so great now! I am a happy person, doing what I was meant to do. Caneisha helped me to gain the strength to stop being a victim and live my life. I’m truly and forever grateful.” – Kelly, Texas 


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